Bouchout Declaration on Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management

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Dear colleagues

The Bouchout Declaration on Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management has been successfully launched on June 12 at the Bouchout Castle, National Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium.

The goal of the Declaration is to foster international collaboration in biodiversity research by implementing the principles of the Declaration: open access to research data, the use of identifiers to provide direct access to digital content of specimens, species or treatments, foster a dialogue on how to sustain open access and improve access to our valuable data.

57 organizations and 58 individuals signed the Declaration, including some of the largest natural history institutions like Kew, Naturalis, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin, Harvard MCZ, California Academy of Sciences, InBIO and the Brazilian Virtual Herbarium of Flora and Fungi .

The Declaration remains open to sign – please consider discussing its principles, consider implementing them and ultimately to sign it.

Thanks for looking into this and hopefully your support.

Dr Donat Agosti

On behalf of the Bouchout Declaration and pro-iBiosphere


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