PhD Fellowship to study the Biodiversity of Coralligenous Habitats at OT-Med – Deadline 18 July 2014

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Title of Project: Understanding ecological functioning of coralligenous habitats, and building new indicators based on genetic tools to assess their GES (good environmental status)

Research will focus on:

1- Establishment of the taxonomic composition of the engineer corallinale algae.

2- Establishment of the species composition for numerous small quadrates of coralligenous using meta-barcoding in different ecological profiles x sites
3- Population structure and phylogeography of two selected taxa: a red alga Lithophyllum spp. and a bryozoan Myriapora truncata,

4- Synthesis and Comparisons e.g. Compare intra-specific diversity among species (determine site-effects vs species-effects).


For more details:


Official deadline on the website is 18 July 2014, but contact quickly by 12th of July 2014 if interested!


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