Haze Monitoring Citizen Science project

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Yet Another Haze Index (Yahi) is a project started by Roland Turner using very low cost DIY sensors to collect and map haze in Singapore. The project aims are:

  • To measure haze intensity on a minute-by-minute basis to help short-term decision making about strenuous outdoor activity
  • To visualize the propagation of haze across Singapore.

He is currently looking for volunteers to buy a sensing station and contribute data by installing it on a balcony or a roof. If you’re interested, particularly if you’d like to do host a sensor in a part of the map that currently has no coverage, please see the mapping pilot page and contact Roland.

The sensing station is available from 12Geeks as an assembled and tested kit for $95 (plus a plug pack if you don’t have a spare one lying around).

For more info: http://rolandturner.com/yahi/


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