Science Meet Journalism. You Two Should Talk. By Louise Lief

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Good article from The Wilson Quarterly on the lack of relationship between science and journalism. An excerpt below on how different players can improve science communication:


Once a year, host a media open house and invite anyone in the media interested in trying something new. Make it experiential and fun, and include a journalism skills component. Even an elaborate program can be done at very low cost. Don’t fret about stories. Focus on building relationships. Get to know the journalists and solicit their feedback. If something didn’t work, fix it.


Step outside your comfort zone, meet cool people, have fun with your colleagues and discover a new discipline for part of a day. Learn more about the world around you. Witness examples of thoughtful risk-taking and learn strategies for tackling complex challenges. See how it makes you think about the work you do or might like to do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do a story. What’s important is that you are exploring.


Encourage (but don’t require) your staff to attend these events. I will bet that the journalists eager to come — the ones with restless energy who seek out new challenges and push boundaries — are also the ones who will give you the best work. This exercise will give them new ideas, and help them flex the muscle groups they will need to innovate in the changing newsroom.

You can come too.

To read the article, click here:


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