2 week Bangladesh Python Project Workshop – June, July 2015

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BPP Flyer

The workshops are field expedition into the jungles of Lawachara National Park, Bangladesh and led by Scott Trageser. At the workshop, you’ll become a certified radio-tracker by tracking pythons, rare tortoises, and even PANGOLINS(!) through the jungles of Lawachara National Park and come away with a certificate from CARINAM.

You’ll master your camera’s abilities and learn how to take photos like a pro, even in challenging conditions!

Go out every day and night with the chance to find up to 100 reptile and amphibian species, several hundred bird species, and be almost guaranteed to observe 5 species of primate. Have a great chance at getting your name on a scientific paper by making a range extension or even discovering a new species! Their 2014 trip recognized 2 new species and made several range extensions!

Do all of this from the comfort of a bed every night and 3 hot, delicious meals every day. Every dollar of the $2,200 contribution goes directly to helping the fauna of Bangladesh.
Top it all off by taking a luxury boat down the world’s largest mangrove system: the Sundarban Mangroves. For 3 days you’ll have a real chance at seeing Tigers, Saltwater Crocs, and finding 75+ snakes a night!


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