Job Opening: Assistant Curator @ William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, New York Botanical Garden

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The Assistant Curator will participate in the management of the Herbarium, providing professional expertise in plant identification and nomenclature; helping to develop projects that further Herbarium goals of making data available for research and conservations; conducting original research; and taking an active role in outreach for the herbarium for a general audience.

* Identify plant specimens
* Address nomenclatural issues that arise during specimen loan fulfillment
* Curation and digitization projects
* Write grant proposals to support the work of the Herbarium
* Lead collection improvement activities including specimen digitization projects and rearrangement of the Herbarium
* Carry out original research
* Participate in Division-wide activities such as editing, web content development, tours, and courses
* Represent the Herbarium at nation and international meetings

* Experience with plant identification
* Defined research objectives
* Familiarity with specimen digitization and curation techniques
* Ability to write compellingly for grant proposal and science outreach projects
* Experience and interest in formal and informal lecturing
* PhD in Plant Science
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