Post-doc Position on Invasion Ecology, UFRGS,Brazil

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The project aims to assess community invasiveness and the impacts of invasion by Eragrostis plana (love-grass, or Annoni-grass in Brazil) on native grassland in southern Brazil. E. plana is considered the most invasive species of grassland ecosystems in southern Brazil, with about one million hectares of native grasslands invaded. The species was detected in Brazil for the first time in 1957, was spread across the state of Rio Grande do Sul in the 1970s and has been officially considered invasive since 1979. The proposed research involves the integration of knowledge at different levels of biological organization to understand the process of invasion and the possibilities to control it.

The post-doctoral profile is of a PhD with experience in research with community ecology, with emphasis on grassland and/or invasive species and/or functional ecology. The candidate should have completed his/her PhD less than five years ago. Command of English and relevant programs for data analysis are essential requirements. She/he should demonstrate ability to work in a team and have an interest in the supervision of undergraduate and graduate students and possibly in the offering of a graduate course related to the project topic. Though proficiency in Portuguese is not a requirement, this is an opportunity to learn the language and to become acquainted with the Brazilian university system.

The scholarship monthly amount of R$ 4,100 (free of income tax) will be paid for 20 months by CAPES, plus travel support. Candidates should contact Prof. Valério Pillar (, Department of Ecology at UFRGS..

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