Volunteer with the NUS Toddycats on Ubin Day(s) 13 & 14 June

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The Toddycats need your help and Ubin needs more love!

Another Junglefowl, Joelle, talking about Ubin Quarry.
Pedal Ubin guide Joelle Lai, introduces the Ubin Quarry at Ubin Day 2014. [From https://toddycats.wordpress.com%5D


You can volunteer with the Toddycats for their Pedal Ubin program or as an Exhibition Guide to talk about marine life, civets and otters. Sign up at tinyurl.com/toddycats-ubinday2015. A training workshop will be conducted on Sat 06 Jun 2015.

For more info: https://toddycats.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/join-nus-toddycats-at-ubin-day-2015-pedal-ubin-and-the-iccs-palm-civet-and-otter-booths/


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