Journal of Science Communication JCOM – Open Access

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JCOM has been published on-line quarterly since 2002. Texts are published in both English and the author’s primary language, and each research article undergoes a multidisciplinary peer-review by experts belonging to different areas of competence. In addition to research articles, each issue contains a thematic commentary composed by several essays from multidisciplinary and international authors. The journal uses a Creative Commons licensing policy, giving the community the opportunity to freely spread contents under a Creative Commons 4.0 by-nc-nd license.

Grants are available to attend the JCOM Masterclasses in Trieste, Jan & Feb 2016! Deadline 31st July.

These classes  are short, intensive, training courses to empower scientists, senior-middle managers of cultural institutions and other professionals to communicate science through different media to various audiences.  A limited number of grants, which cover all costs (fee, travels and accommodation) is available for scientists, scholars and professionals working in developing countries.


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