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Fake science Publications and Pokemon

From Using Pokemon to Detect Scientific Misinformation

Webinar: The Vegetation Ecology of Tropical Freshwater Swamp Forests - Fri Oct 9 @ 9am

Festival of Biodiversity - 5 to 26 Sept, Singapore

Pretty Plankton Guide by @Maija Karala

Maija Karala is "a freelance illustrator and science writer with a fascination for evolution. Mostly tweets about paleoart. Aspiring crazy rat lady. " More info at

Shark Research workshop for Women by Minorities in Shark Sciences - March 2021, Florida

During this workshop, participants will get hands-on field experience doing shark research. They will learn various field research techniques aboard a research vessel. We will also do a series of personal development conversations as well as other activities to build community. The women of this organization will serve as a continued resource and support system long after the workshop has ended.

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