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Croeni Foudation $5k Award for #almostfamous ASAP species - Deadline End Feb 2016


9 Days Left!! Crowdfunding the mysterious Bauhinia Genome, a community outreach project in HK

After helping promote community genome and microbiome projects such as the Puerto Rican “peoples parrot”, Azolla Genome, Kittybiome, and the community cactus, the team at BGI-HK, in collaboration with CUHK, has finally decided to launch their own: sequencing the Bauhinia genome.

ASAP website launched -

Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP!) is an interagency coalition to address the extinction risk among the most threatened non-marine vertebrates of Southeast Asia. Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimise impending extinctions in this area of the world, where habitat loss, trade and hunting has contributed to a dramatic loss of its rich and incredible biodiversity.

How Will the Asian Species Action Partnership Work?

As a matter of urgency, reverse the declines in the wild of Critically Endangered freshwater and land vertebrates in South-east Asia.

Creative Responses to Sustainability Guide - Singapore edition launched

Deforestation, climate change, corruption, mass extinction. Can we trust governments and corporations (particularly in Asia) to take the necessary steps to deal with these issues? Scientists are often unwilling/unable/ineffective in taking action outside of academia to create social changes needed to address these problems, particularly in Asia.

Biodiversity Media Grant Opportunity - Deadline 4 Jan 2016

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