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Biodesign Challenge Summit 2020 - 15 to 19 June

First held in 2016, Biodesign Challenge (BDC) is a competition that bridges art, design and biotech, crosses disciplines and aims to engage the public in dialogue about the broader implications of emerging biotech.

Three Days Until BDC Summit 2020!

Next week 45 student teams from across the world will come together online to present biodesign projects developed over the last year. We hope you'll tune in to see what they've created. 

The Summit will be livestreamed online and open to the public:
  • June 15, 16, 17 Presentations and judges Q & A
  • June 19 Speakers and awards ceremony

Visit the Summit page here to find details, program schedules, speaker information and more!

GIY Bio Buddies (pic by Valery Rizzo)

One of our favourite teams from 2019 was GIY Biobuddies with their grow-it-yourself toy kit! They won the Outstanding Field Research Award &  Runner Up to the Grand Prize Award.

Looking forward to next week and watching the 2020 teams present their work!


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