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Haze Monitoring Citizen Science project

Yet Another Haze Index (Yahi) is a project started by Roland Turner using very low cost DIY sensors to collect and map haze in Singapore. The project aims are:

  • To measure haze intensity on a minute-by-minute basis to help short-term decision making about strenuous outdoor activity

  • To visualize the propagation of haze across Singapore.

He is currently looking for volunteers to buy a sensing station and contribute data by installing it on a balcony or a roof. If you're interested, particularly if you'd like to do host a sensor in a part of the map that currently has no coverage, please see the mapping pilot page and contact Roland.

Saving the Malayan Tiger Fund-Raising Dinner - 27 Sept

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Talk and Workshop: Discovering Bee Diversity & Citizen Science - 7.30 pm on 4 Sept,_stingless_bee,I_JSA4284.jpg Meliponini, stingless bee © Copyright John Ascher, 2006-2014

Be a volunteer @ the LCK mangrove cleanup - Aug 9

Bouchout Declaration on Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management

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