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Festival of Biodiversity this weekend! Sept 3 & 4 @ Singapore Botanic Gardens


Real Life Pokemon of Singapore - Sean Yap

Besides otters, Singapore has plenty of wildlife to look out for instead of virtual cartoons. Sean Yap, a student at NUS, started the Real Life Pokemon of Singapore page to show the cooler and real life versions of Pokemon characters. Here are some of my favourites:

OCBC NParks Cycle-In Movie - Sat 20 Aug, 4 to 10 pm, Parkland Green

The International Bicycle Film Festival x Singapore Eco Film Festival (SGEFF)  partnership will kick off this Aug 20 at the Ride Safe event. Drop by their booth to find out more about cycling, sustainability and the 1st SGEFF (10 to 13 Nov)!

Join in Panthera's New Project to Protect Big Cats Around the World


Otter Love in Singapore

12000 readers of the Straits Times voted for the otter to be one of the 51 objects representing aspects of Singapore's history.  Having smooth coated otters roam the urban jungles of Singapore is pretty exciting and they seem to be bringing Singaporeans a little closer to loving the wildlife we have!

We new friends!