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Biodiversity Media Grant Opportunity - Deadline 4 Jan 2016

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Journal of Science Communication JCOM - Open Access

JCOM has been published on-line quarterly since 2002. Texts are published in both English and the author's primary language, and each research article undergoes a multidisciplinary peer-review by experts belonging to different areas of competence. In addition to research articles, each issue contains a thematic commentary composed by several essays from multidisciplinary and international authors. The journal uses a Creative Commons licensing policy, giving the community the opportunity to freely spread contents under a Creative Commons 4.0 by-nc-nd license.

Jessup and McHenry Awards, USA - 1 March & 1 Oct Deadlines

Jessup funds are awarded competitively to students wishing to conduct studies at the postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral levels under the supervision or sponsorship of a member of the curatorial staff of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. The Awards are not available for undergraduate study. Such studies may be in any specialty in which these curators have expertise. The McHenry Fund is similarly intended, but is restricted to botanists.

John J. & Anna H. Gallagher Postdoc Fellowship on Rotifers, USA - 30 June 2015

The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia is offering a unique opportunity for original postdoctoral or sabbatical research on the systematics of microscopic invertebrates with priority for the study of rotifers. The project must be based at the Academy, although fieldwork and visits to other museum collections are encouraged, and the scope should be narrow enough to permit completion during a period of up to twelve months.

Postdoc position in environmental barcoding in Norway - Deadline Feb 5

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Museum is seeking a highly qualified postdoctoral researcher for a project on environmental barcoding/metabarcoding of freshwater invertebrates. The position is for 3 years, preferably with start June 1, 2015. The successful candidate will conduct research on the project “Environmental Barcoding of Aquatic Invertebrates (EBAI)” funded by the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Environment Agency with collaborating institutions from Canada, Germany and Norway. The project seeks to develop methodological standards for environmental barcoding of freshwater macro-invertebrates using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques and reference libraries of standardized DNA barcodes. The project will involve fieldwork as well as work in the laboratory; 2-3 months research at collaborating institutions in Canada (University of Guelph) and Germany (Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn) respectively is expected.

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