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Seminar - Conservation in Asia: Successes & Challenges - 9am, Fri 10 July @ NUS

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Start planning for the Festival of Biodiversity @ Vivocity!

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Journal of Science Communication JCOM - Open Access

JCOM has been published on-line quarterly since 2002. Texts are published in both English and the author's primary language, and each research article undergoes a multidisciplinary peer-review by experts belonging to different areas of competence. In addition to research articles, each issue contains a thematic commentary composed by several essays from multidisciplinary and international authors. The journal uses a Creative Commons licensing policy, giving the community the opportunity to freely spread contents under a Creative Commons 4.0 by-nc-nd license.

Festival of Biodiversity @ Vivocity - 27 & 28 June

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It's time again for The Festival of Biodiversity, an annual event organized by the National Parks Board in collaboration with the Biodiversity Roundtable. Initiated in 2012 with the aim of creating awareness and fostering a sense of appreciation for our native biodiversity, this year the Festival is back bigger and better with the theme “Celebrating SG50: Our Natural Heritage", the Festival hopes to achieve greater outreach by showcasing Singapore’s impressive and unique array of flora and fauna. There will be many interactive stations and workshops for all ages, and for the first time a concert!

Kittybiomes, Koala Microbiomes and Beer Genomes

We new friends!