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Singapore World Water Day - Sat 21 March @ Jurong Lake

SWWD NTU Earthlink Poster

Giving Animals a Voice by Anbarasi Boopal (ACRES) - 20 March, 6pm @ NUS

11th MEM seminar series double feature. Guest speakers are Ms Anbarasi Boopal, Deputy Chief Executive, ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre & Ms Jasmine Ann Teo, Senior Manager, Group CRS, Singtel.

Seminar: Conservation Actions for Asian Otters - 10 March Tues, 430pm @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Conservation Actions for Asian Otters

Pangolins Rise Symposium - 9 March Mon, 445pm @ LT12, NTU


You Buy They Die Campaign Launch - 7 March, 9am @ the Singapore Zoo


We new friends!