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NY Times article: Trove of New Bird Species Found on Remote Indonesian Islands - 9 Jan 2020

How exciting to see friends from Singapore in the New York Times! Congrats to Frank and collaborators on their new discoveries. They identified "five new songbird species and five new subspecies from a small area near Sulawesi". Full article here. Their Science publication is behind a paywall but try contacting the authors to ask for a copy. Scientists are usually more than happy to share their publications :)

ALIEN INVASION -Species Spread Across the Globe for the Last 500 Years

Non-native species don't always cause damage in new areas that they colonize. However, if and when they do, they could potentially cause billions of dollars of damage. Invasive species have also been linked to the decline of four in every 10 endangered or threatened species in the United States.

Real Life Pokemon of Singapore - Sean Yap

Besides otters, Singapore has plenty of wildlife to look out for instead of virtual cartoons. Sean Yap, a student at NUS, started the Real Life Pokemon of Singapore page to show the cooler and real life versions of Pokemon characters. Here are some of my favourites:

Citizen Science @ Bern

Some familiar faces from Europe, cool "meeting" Hackteria friends :)

Going beyond the “ecological turn” in the humanities

Not just the humanities but also in 2017, a prestigious science journal giving attention to Ecology with a new journal (but sharing the spot with Evolution).:

We new friends!