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Alert: Handful of Biologists Went Rogue and Published Directly to Internet

Written by Amy Harmon, the NYTimes article published yesterday describes the latest in the battle for open access science:

"On Feb. 29, Carol Greider of Johns Hopkins University became the third Nobel Prize laureate biologist in a month to do something long considered taboo among biomedical researchers: She posted a report of her recent discoveries to a publicly accessible website, bioRxiv, before submitting it to a scholarly journal to review for “official’’ publication.

Announcement: 1st Singapore Eco Film Festival in Nov 2016

Get excited .::. The 1st Singapore Eco Film Fest #SGEFF is taking place this year and Biodiversity Connections is one of the community partners!

ASAP website launched -

Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP!) is an interagency coalition to address the extinction risk among the most threatened non-marine vertebrates of Southeast Asia. Organizations within the international conservation community are joining forces to minimise impending extinctions in this area of the world, where habitat loss, trade and hunting has contributed to a dramatic loss of its rich and incredible biodiversity.

How Will the Asian Species Action Partnership Work?

As a matter of urgency, reverse the declines in the wild of Critically Endangered freshwater and land vertebrates in South-east Asia.

What happened at the 1st Asian Songbird Crisis Summit in Singapore

From Sept 26 - 29,  the 1st Asian Songbird Crisis Summit was held at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Pollen Nation is about conserving Insect & Plant biodiversity in Singapore

“If we wish our environment in Singapore to be a sustainable green environment, we have to start talking about insects,” said Mr [Carl] Baptista [of Pollen Nation]. “We have lots of tropical native flowering plants, native trees, but you can’t have that if you don’t have your pollinators present.”

We new friends!