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Fake science Publications and Pokemon

From Using Pokemon to Detect Scientific Misinformation

Going beyond the “ecological turn” in the humanities

Not just the humanities but also in 2017, a prestigious science journal giving attention to Ecology with a new journal (but sharing the spot with Evolution).:

Forget Politicizing Science. Let’s Democratize Science! by David Guston

An interesting read on democratizing science policy and advice from 2005. David Guston is based at Arizona State University where he is the  founding director of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Director at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society, Co-Director at the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes and Professor in the Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Vox Article - Fleming's discovery of penicillin couldn't get published today. That's a huge problem.

Great article by Julia Belluz on the age of big data and whether  "small science" should be published. Excerpt below:

Creative Responses to Sustainability Guide - Singapore edition launched

Deforestation, climate change, corruption, mass extinction. Can we trust governments and corporations (particularly in Asia) to take the necessary steps to deal with these issues? Scientists are often unwilling/unable/ineffective in taking action outside of academia to create social changes needed to address these problems, particularly in Asia.

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