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ECSA Citizen Science Conference - 19 to 21 May 2016, Berlin

The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Citizen Science Conference 2016 aims at policy makers, science funders, scientists, practitioners in the field of citizen science, NGOs and interested citizens. This trans-disciplinary conference will highlight, demonstrate and debate the innovation potential of citizen science for science, society and policy and its role within open science and innovation.

The 3 day conference will provide the arena to showcase how both new and traditional ways of citizens working with scientist can enable transformative potential to enhance science-policy and social impact, scientific advancement, scientific literacy and empowerment. Of particular importance will be the role of citizen science within wider agendas such as ensuring open science and innovation, and progressing towards responsible research and innovations:

  • An inspiring conference that brings together enthusiasts for Citizen Science, policy makers and scientists.

  • Opportunities to present your Citizen Science project and to exchange experiences with others.

  • Keynote presentations and other diverse conference formats such as paper sessions, split sessions, round tables and collaborative sessions.

  • Lots of stimulating discussions, networking and fun moments with like-minded people.

Important Deadlines

  • February 22: Deadline submission of abstracts

  • March 24: End of early bird payment



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