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Free Wildlife photos from Grégoire Dubois

What's that? A thorny devil from Australia. an ant-eater just like our beloved pangolin. This lizard is so cool, WIRED wrote up 10 Fun Facts about it!

Fact #10: They concentrate and drink dew. Not only does their spiny armor protect them from predators, it also helps them absorb water in their arid habitat. There are hygroscopic (moisure-attracting) grooves between their thorns. They obtain water from the dew that condenses on their bodies overnight, during rare rainfalls, or by brushing up against dew-coated grass. Any water that gets into the grooves between its thorns is drawn by capillary action to its mouth, allowing the thorny dragon to suck water from all over its body.

Thankfully it is found across much of Australia and will survive the ongoing bushfires in Australia, which will continue to burn for months. More soon on the fires and their terrible impact on other wildlife.

The photo is take by the very generous Grégoire Dubois, a project leader at the European Commissions. Here's the LinkedIn post from him:

Time for your annual reports, new web sites and looking for free wildlife pictures? I'm happy to share my pictures at no cost provided these are used exclusively for conservation purposes. In case of doubts just get back to me. Around 700 species are represented there but I still need to update the legends for a few albums. You can access these from my Flickr account at

Thanks again, Grégoire!


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