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Kittybiomes, Koala Microbiomes and Beer Genomes

Community genome projects have popped up pretty recently and now moving into the microbiome arena with crowdfunding projects like The Koala Project (studying the effects of antibiotics on koala health) and the Kittybiome, a project to study the gut bacteria of cats. For cat lovers, an interview by Scott Edmunds in Gigablog with Holly Ganz from Kittybiome:

Then there is the latest Kickstarter genome project : Beer DeCoded - a joint citizen science project run by Hackuarium and SwissDeCode. If you pledge  €3,000 or more, they offer to go beyond beer and:

Sequence your World!

We are at your disposition.
+We will develop a custom project to sequence your beers, wines, cheeses, foods.
+We will develop personalised solutions.
+We will host an events on our 1000 sqm space for you.


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