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Nominations for Study on Master Nature Educators - Deadline Aug 15

Dear members of the nature community,

We, Susanna Ho and Vilma D’Rozario, are embarking on a study to identify the educational methods and benefits of learning outdoors for children and youth. In order to achieve this end, we would like to draw upon the knowledge and experience of ‘Master Nature Educators’ who are experienced in teaching and learning in an outdoor environment, with a special focus on nature education, especially within the Singapore context.

We seek your help in identifying ‘Master Nature Educators’ to assist in this study.

A Master Nature Educator is one who is:

  • Best of the best

  • Passionate about wildlife

  • Passionate about nature education

  • Knowledgeable about local biodiversity (animals and plants) & native habitats (ecosystems)

  • Person whom you’d like to learn from

  • Energetic and engaging

  • Inspiring to children/youth

  • Inspiring to fellow-educators

  • Works well with children/youth

  • Active in volunteering for nature education

Please use the nomination form attached to nominate 3 candidates based on the criteria given, to the best of your knowledge. All nominations will remain anonymous and nomination results will not be disclosed.

We would be grateful if you could also send this appeal to nominate master nature educators to friends within the community so that they too can make their nominations.

Please send your completed nomination form to Ms Andie Ang at Andie.Ang@Colorado.EDU as soon as possible, preferably before 15 August, 2015.

If you have queries, please do not hesitate to email Vilma at or Susanna at

Thank you very much.

With best wishes,

Vilma D’Rozario (Dr.)                                Susanna Ho (Dr.)

National Institute of Education              Ministry of Education

For the nomination form: Master Nature Educator nomination form instructions_28May15 (sho vdr)


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