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NSS Talk: The Sri Lankan Leopard - the Ultimate Cat - 7pm, Fri 15 April @ NSS Office

The Sri Lankan Leopard is a leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka. Classified as endangered, the leopard still faces a number of threats such as human-leopard conflicts. Join us this evening as Mr Noel Rodrigo shares what makes leopards the "ultimate" cat and what challenges lie ahead for these amazing animals as well as what conservation efforts are ongoing to ensure the survival of the population and how Leopard Safaris is contributing to it.


Noel Rodrigo, also known as the ‘Leopard Man’ of Sri Lanka, founded his Leopard Safaris Camps in 2006 and still takes on a couple of hand on roles in the company.

Today, he has gathered over 35 years of experience in the Sri Lankan wild and tracking leopards. His
team work closely together with the Leopard Project of the Wildlife and Wilderness Conservation Trust (WWCT), including gathering and providing information about the GPS location of leopard sightings and photographs of each one. He always encourages his clients to take part in this as well, and a certain percentage of their stay at his Leopard Safaris Camps is being contributed to the work of the WWCT.


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