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Real Life Pokemon of Singapore - Sean Yap

Besides otters, Singapore has plenty of wildlife to look out for instead of virtual cartoons. Sean Yap, a student at NUS, started the Real Life Pokemon of Singapore page to show the cooler and real life versions of Pokemon characters. Here are some of my favourites:

Sandslash // Pangolin



Ferroseed // Durian

From Sean "Paras & Parasect are cicada nymphs infected by Cordyceps fungus. Ever noticed that when Paras evolves into Parasect, its eyes become all blank and possessed-looking? If you thought the pokemon you were training was a bug, guess again - it was a fungus the whole time! Zombies may not walk among us yet, but they sure plague the insect kingdom. Most fungi obtain their nutrients from decaying organisms, but Cordyceps prey on insects that are still alive and kicking - they NEED to. What the diabolical fungus does when a spore lands on an insect is to send its root-like mycelium into the insect, invading and eventually replacing host tissue. Some of these have the ability to alter the insects' behaviour, encouraging them to climb to higher ground and hang on to an exposed branch with the last of their strength in order to put the growing fungus in the optimal position to spread its spores and further infect other insects. For every group of insect there is, there is likely a specific cordyceps species that targets it. Thankfully, this hasn't latched on to mammals yet, otherwise a zombie outbreak would be VERY real (this is the entire premise of the game The Last of Us). "


Click here for the full Straits Times article on Sean and his love of Pokemon and nature.


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