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Straits Times Opinion: Diverse Goals of Singapore's Nature Areas

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Great to see more biodiversity articles in the The Straits Times! this time a piece by (our amazing ;) Natalia Huang on what we should consider for a nature conservation policy on our tiny, very developed island:


What does future Singapore want to look like? Do we want to be a concrete jungle, or one with green spaces and wildlife?

In a country where land is heavily managed, our natural areas should be managed or planned with careful thought and precision. What might constitute a reasonable nature conservation or management policy in Singapore?

This is a delicate affair, with passion, science, and land-use demands often in conflict. This is especially so in a city like Singapore which has limited space, unlimited endeavours, and increasingly interested citizens.

While protecting native biodiversity is top priority, what is possible in Singapore is a nature conservation policy with a diversity of goals that satisfies the needs of a diversity of people. Some examples of such goals could be..."

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