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Talk by Dr Vilma D'Rozario on Environmental Stewardship - 13 Feb, 6pm @ NUS

9th Master of Science Environmental Management seminar:  ‘From Appreciation to Activism: a journey in environmental stewardship.’  



Vilma will discuss the evolution and current state of environmental stewardship in Singapore. She will share her short personal journey in stewardship, highlighting her work in three environmental NGOs. The audience could hope to gain some insight into why environmental stewardship is necessary in Singapore today, what it might entail, what benefits it could reap, and how to get involved.

Dr Vilma D'Rozario is Associate Professor with the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. She teaches pre-service counselling and graduate group counselling courses. Her research interests are in master therapists, service- learning, and the benefits of nature and the outdoors on well-being. She is actively involved in student life on campus as adviser to the NIE Service Learning Club. Outside of her career in Psychology and Teacher Education, Vilma volunteers extensively in environmental and wildlife conservation projects in Singapore. She is co-founder of Cicada Tree Eco-Place which promotes nature, culture and eco-living, and which aims to provide environmental education for all. Also, she is on the board of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore), another local organization involved in environmental education. Her weekends are spent helping with nature lessons or guided nature walks, mainly with kids. She enjoys being in the rainforest and helps conduct fauna surveys with the Vertebrate Study Group.


TIME: 6.00pm

DATE: Friday, 13 February 2015

VENUE: LR425, SDE3, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (NUS), Kent Ridge Campus

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