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The ONCA Centre for Arts & Ecology, UK

BringTheHappySign From 3D project map of happiness in Brighton []


A Kickstarter funded art gallery that is located in Brighton, the ONCA Gallery's mission is "to inspire creativity and positive action in the face of environmental change." Their aims are:

1. To raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues through the arts.

2. To promote educational initiatives relating to art and conservation.

3. To raise funds to support conservation projects.

Their activities include events like an interdisciplinary and interactive debate about the relationship between fantastical stories and ecological activity that was part of the Exile: A Living of Forest exhibition, or Seedy Sunday seed swap and art exhibition.  Also interesting posts on their site e.g. on pangolins and TCM,

What a cool space and also something new that we need in addressing wildlife and environmental issues!



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