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“…Part ethnographer, part ethologist, part hacker, and fully polymath, Andrew’s work displays a performative bent that draws its audience into close interaction. Noticing that people enjoyed feeding ducks, for instance, he inverted their behaviour by building a giant duck that spat sweets out at people if they satisfied it with hot dance routines. By playing on the mundane habits of people and animals in such sly fashion, Andrew reveals aspects of our world that we seldom think about…”

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Date: 23 March 2014, Sunday
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: 67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942
Admission is free.


Lady Yuen Peng McNeice Grad Fellowship for Biodiversity research in SE Asia

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The late Lady Yuen Peng McNeice (Photo: The Straits Times@Singapore Press Holdings Limited)
The late Lady Yuen Peng McNeice (Photo: The Straits Times@Singapore Press Holdings Limited)

This is awesome! Many thanks to the McNeice family.

Click on this link to read more: Lady Yuen Peng McNeice Graduate Fellowship to help budding researchers.

Today is the 1st World Wildlife Day!

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Today is the 1st World Wildlife Day!

3 March is the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and recently designated as World Wildlife Day by the United Nations General Assembly.

How are you celebrating wildllife today?

Here are some ideas:
1. Take a few minutes and enjoy a wild animal going about its day. It could be a bird picking at the grass, or a squirrel dashing along a fence.

2. Become a member of a nature or wildlife group in Singapore.

3. Write or share a post online about a wild animal you love.

4. Support the rangers who protect our wildlife. Send a thank you note or donate to wildlife enforcement projects.

5. Say no to plastic bags. They often end up as marine debris, killing marine animals that mistake the bags for food.

Love MacRitchie Official Music Video

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A beautiful video produced by TERESA TEO GUTTENSOHN, VILMA D’ROZARIO (Singapore), and LYSA AYA (NYC)