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Conservation and science meetups since 201X.

Every once in awhile, I badger a few people to give a 10 - 15 min intro on what they do. Here is a list of the lovely people who have presented at past events. I've also started Sitting for Science to experiment with fun ways (e.g. pub quizzes) to learn what people are working on.

If you are visiting Singapore and would like to drop by and share your work, please contact me! Also if you want a copy of our quiz questions so that you can hold your own wherever you are, happy to share those as well.

Sept 2019

Since I'm still in NY, Angelica took the lead on "Who Speaks for Nature", a new series of talks. For the 1st event, Dr. Gillian Khew (Deputy Director of the Molecular Biology & Micropropagation department at the Singapore Botanic Gardens) presented  "Genome Sequencing the Flora of Singapore". She was followed by two students from NUS: Magena Yeo on "Behavioural Observations of Macaques and Humans", and Tina Low on "Home Range Variation and Territorial Battles of Smooth-coated Otter families in Singapore". Thanks to our lovely speakers for sharing their work, especially to GIllian who once again helped us with hosting the event at the SBG.

@ the Botany Center, SBG

@ the Botany center, SIngapore Botanic Gardens

Feb 2018

Since I happened to be back for Chinese New Year in Singapore, I managed to round up a couple of folks for happy hour at the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a marine-themed session. I opened with a short presentation about the work I was doing at the Bronx Zoo using the Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION (the only portable DNA sequncing platform) to help monitor the shark trade. Evan Landy (Wildlife Conservationist and Sustainability Professional) gave the audience an intro io the whales and dolphins of Europe, and Shen Yan Liow (Supply Chain Standards Manager, Marine Stewardship Council Asia) presented "Know your seafood ah? Healthy oceans start from our daily conscious consumption". Thank you Gillian for the venue at the Botany Center! 愿新年为你带来快乐,友爱和宁静

Feb 2017

Our 1st events for 2017 were in Dhaka together with The Tech Academy,  at one of my favourite venues yet, Jatra Biroti! We had a workshop for kids on DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis, as well as a Women in Science meet up for Feb 11, the UN International Day of Women & Girls in Science. Thanks to Shams Jaber and his team for hosting me and introducing me to the enthusiastic students of BRAC and IUB. It was inspiring to see so much interest in biology and environmental issues, looking forward to collaborations and updates from the (Deshi?) Bio group there :)

@ Jatra Birothi, Dhaka


[TRAVELS, SGEFF, HOLIDAYS..and we're back!]

July 2016

After getting Scott Trageser (Creative Conservation Alliance) to take part in a Citizen Science Symposium at the joint Asia Chapter meeting by SCB and ATBC, we also got him to host The Independence Day Herp Quiz on July 4 at The Hangar (where else? :) Thank you guys for entertaining all our overseas friends who were here for the conference!




March 2016

We managed a 2nd event in March, this time at Monochrome Cafe. Dr. Philip Johns (Yale-NUS) talked about Stalk-eyed flies in Southeast Asia, followed by Dr. Antónia Monteiro (NUS) who explained Sexual selection in African butterflies - where males court and females choose males in the wet season but the whole process gets reversed in the dry season. Lots of non-biologists in the crowd, and made a lot of new friends that night. Here's a shot of Philip demonstrating how his male flies spar!



An impromptu happy hour with a great discussion about dipterocarps and pollinators, reforestation and masting. We had a new friend Dr. Dzaeman Dzulkifli drop by from KL. He is at the Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre working on cool projects in Malaysia. Also, found a new place for events: Bodacious Bar & Bistro. Definitely going back, not just for the name but it was a great space and they extended happy hour for us :)



Jan 2016

The Herps (Not Herpes!) Pub Quiz was hosted by Mary-Ruth Low, Nathanael Maury and Jose Csiros. It was probably our MOST difficult quiz but the crowd of awesome hardcore herpers took on the challenge and we had 2 winning groups. We'll probably do another herp quiz this year because that's how much we love our herps!

Thanksss everyone for joining us, and thank you to The Muzium Cafe and Anuj for putting up with us :)


Oct 2015

We were honoured to have Kalyar Platt (Turtle Survival Alliance) and Steve Platt (Wildlife Conservation Society) to talk about their turtle work in Myanmar. Kalyar was recently awarded the prestigious Behler Turtle Conservation Award and is the first female and youngest recipient. Their team from Myanmar were also in Singapore for a study trip and it was great to have everyone join us at happy hour! Thanks also to Artistry Cafe for hosting us.



Sept 2015 Another busy month!

Joint session with Green Drinks Singapore on Ballast Water management & Marine Bio-invasion. A short presentation by Ray Huang (PACT) followed by a panel where he was joined by Tim Wilkins (INTERTANKO), Cynthia Wong (James Cook Uni & Temasek Poly) and the one and only Guillaume Drillet (DHI) ;)

For the Birds Pub Quiz with Dr Chris Shepherd (TRAFFIC). Yes we managed to get him back to do another fun session :) We already had the previous quiz about birds but this one was focused on songbirds in trouble in our region as he Chris was in town for Asia's 1st Songbird Crisis Summit, Sept 26 -29. Thanks to Blu Jaz Cafe for hosting us!



April 2015 Bird Brain Pub Quiz with Dr Luis Carlos Neves (Asst Director, Avian, Jurong Bird Park aka Master Overlord of the Land of Birds) as our quiz master. Once again, we took over The Hangar, thank you guys for staying late for us!

20150413_204930 20150413_212556 20150413_215135


March 2015 Managed 2 events this month!

Mass Fish Death Pub Quiz by Shannon Lim (OnHand Agrarian), who also very kindly provided some of his locally farmed seafood for the paella on the menu. At The Hangar again, Thank you Pav!!



Where the Wild Things Were Pub Quiz with Dr Chris Shepherd (TRAFFIC) as our host.  We all learnt a lot more about wildlife trafficking, Mongla and many of the species that are being illegally traded. A big thank you to Chris and our friends at The Hangar for having us there!

11047180_10152727083152335_945662106_n Photo by Timothy Chua

11040735_10152727082957335_510858013_n Photo by Timothy Chua

Dec 2014
Just a regular happy hour at Red Dot @Dempsey.

Oct 2014  Speakers: Zuzana Drillet (presenting her research on Agricultural landscapes in Slovakia) and Jason Chuei (talking about his vet and wildlife experiences)

Aug 2014 
Joint event on Aquaculture with Green Drinks Singapore (thank you Olivia for all the work =)

Speakers: Alistair Douglas (SmartAqua) and Shannon Lim (onHand Agrarian)

P1220959 Alistair & Shannon @ the SingJazz Club


April 2014 Speakers: Guillaume Drillet (DHI) and Malthe Borch (Biologigaragen & Labitat)

Feb 2014
Speakers: Joanna Coleman and Erica Sena Neves (NUS)

Best happy hour so far! Feb 2014 at the Botanic Gardens Feb 2014 at the Botanic Gardens


Oct 2013  Speakers: Mark Ashton and Eva Garen (Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies)

Sept 2013 
Joint Event with the Environment & Business Club at INSEAD (also kindly hosted by them)!         Speaker: Kelvin Ng (Marine Stewardship Council)

Jan 2013  Speaker: David Neidel (ELTI)



We new friends!