Talk by Dr Bertrand Richer de Forges: Oceans Undiscovered – Thurs 25 Feb, 7pm @ The Hangar

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Coral T-Shirt Design Competition – Deadline 3 July

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Gordon Research Conference on Marine Molecular Ecology – 2 to 7 Aug, Hong Kong

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Linking Molecular Mechanisms with Ecological Outcomes
@ The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Application Deadline: July 5, 2015.

The topics and speakers for the conference sessions are displayed below (italics denote discussion leaders). The detailed program will be available by April 2, 2015.  Please check here for updates.

  • Connecting Molecular and Cellular Processes to Ecosystem Functions and Biogechemical Cycling
    (Curtis Suttle / Nianzhi Jiao / Birgitta Bergman)
  • Microbial Diversity and Process in Deep Ocean and Other Extreme Environments
    (Virginia Edgcomb / Steve Pointing / Pei-Yuan Qian)
  • Role of Virus in Marine Ecosystems
    (Qinglu Zeng / Feng Chen / Jennifer Brum)
  • Exploring the Bacterial Biodiversity and Ecological Functioning in a Global Oceanographic Context
    (Jonathan Zehr / Silvia Acinas / Alexandra Worden)
  • Molecular Response and Adaptation to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Stressors
    (Peter Steinberg / Gretchen Hofmann / Grieg Steward)
  • Photosynthetic Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
    (Lisa Campbell / Laurence Garczarek / Ian Paulsen / Daniel Vaulot)
  • Microbial Diversity and Biogeochemical Cycling in Oxygen Minimum Zone and Other Anaerobic Environments
    (Hongbin Liu / Steve Hallam / Osvaldo Ulloa)
  • Marine Holobionts
    (Stanley Lau / Torsten Thomas / Madeleine van Oppen)
  • Genomic and Proteomic Study of Marine Invertebrates and Vertebrates
    (Ka Hou Chu / Benny Chan / Junya Hirai / Jian-Wen Qiu)


Mass Fish Death Pub Quiz – Sat 21 March, 9pm @ The Hangar

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Millions of fish washed up on the shores of Singapore just over a week ago, some farmed, some wild . Other dead sea creatures too, like Moray eels, Pufferfish, Barracuda and Cuttlefish! Enough dead animals to warrant an article in the BBC News. How much do you know of what caused the mass fish deaths and why? Shannon Lim (OnHand Agrarian), one of our local fish farmers, will host this quiz.

As suitable for the quiz theme, The Hangar will be cooking up a delicious seafood paella of sustainably sourced seafood.

For more info and updates:

Mass Marine Mortality at Pasir Ris

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Nature in a Concrete Jungle

For the past few years around this time of the year there have been occurrences of mass fish deaths on our northern shores. This year is no exception. Ria was here earlier as well, and has done a comprehensive blogpost about the situation. I’m just posting photos of cool dead things. I know I don’t sound sad but I am, kay 😦

So CNY is over, and the food guilt finally set in so I decided to try and run to work some of the sin off. As soon as I hit the path however, my nose was immediately assaulted by a foul stench. I had seen some of my friends posting about fish deaths on facebook, so I decided to go see for myself what the situation was like (totally not an excuse).

The first stop was a breakwater, and LO AND BEHOLD, I was greeted with a…

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